About me

Imagine various music genres having "fun" in a looper and angels harmonizing from above.  

Yeah, this is how I describe my music. I searched for a better term and apparently, I make Alternative pop music.  

Oh, hi! Thank you for checking my page and music.  

I'm a Georgian musician and artist living in Cologne, Germany. This is my fourth country after living in Georgia, The UK, and the Netherlands. Phew, I've had enough cultural shock, I am ready to settle down now.   

As a kid, I always loved performing and entertaining people. At the age of 12, I experienced my first stage, and that was it! I got possessed! It was the only thing I wanted to do; to be out there performing for people and exchanging a unique energy only the stage can create.  

Since then, I have entertained audiences with my quirky monologues. In Georgia, I participated in national and international contests, performed for a live musical show on TV: "who is Oliver?" and made a name there. Aaaah, Good memories. It was so much fun!  

But then adulting happened...  

After finishing my degree in journalism, I moved to the UK in 2015. I wanted to prove to myself that I was a worthy adult with "serious" life goals; like doing a Master's in Branding and Advertising. Very serious! 

I gotta admit, it was a massive cultural shock. Living between westerners was something else for me. I got disoriented and confused. I felt overwhelmed and lonely. Basically, I was a legal alien. I had to make various adjustments to function in this new world. As you can see, I survived!  

In 2018 I moved to the Netherlands, and it was a pivotal change in my life. After many years of trying to become a "proper adult," I realized I didn't want to spend my energy in the office anymore. I just wanted to be on stage! 

I relaunched my career as a musician, singer, and songwriter in Amsterdam. It was the first time when I tried to write and compose my songs. I never thought that I was capable of doing it.  

So, I started writing lyrics (with my broken English), learned music theory, and experienced the joy and pain of living an artist's life. Over the next four years, I released seven singles, performed countless song covers, and directed the music videos for my debut album.  

In 2021, I moved to Cologne, Germany. The same year I got my first looper (my trusty Boss RC-505 that I later upgraded to a mkII). I experimented with various music genres and styles on Twitch. . Thanks to my Twitch community—my dedicated group of online friends— my confidence in my music skills went over the roof!  

Very soon, I got funding from the "Auf Ghets" project to release my debut album I worked with Diggi—a super-talented producer and musician (and now friend). It was a crazy ride. My taste and perception of music were evolving so fast that we had to keep revisiting songs many times to make changes. And then, we finished the album! 

My debut album “In My Reality” and music videos will be out in February 2023. See you then! :)